A $4 million project that Clean Technology Partners on behalf of Belectric sought the professional and local planning knowledge of Fisher Planning to prepare a development application for submission to the Wentworth Shire Council.
The proposed site is on the edge of the Coomealla irrigated farming area occupying approximately 3.75Ha.
The initial site proposal included 11000 solar panel modules generating 3,680,000kWh/annum generating energy to power the equivalent of 410 homes.
In a January 2017 press release by the Australian  subsidiary of Belectric it was highlighted that the system is expected to outperform initial estimates with recent new studies indicating that the system will produce 4,300,000 kWh/annum, enough to power nearly 500  homes in the area.

They further expressed that this is good news for the grid with the plant assisting to reduce transmission and distribution losses in the electricity network.

The initial planning process is now complete with Fisher Planning and Clean-Tech Partners providing a briefing to Council in late 2016 and a conditional development application was given Council approval in November with the permit being issued in December 2016.

Multiple factors needed consideration in the planning including visual impact, noise management, signage, screening and access.

Fisher Planning are assisting the proponent with meeting the permit conditions so that development can proceed in 2017.

Photo: Solar panels from Clean Technology Partners operations

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