Persons affected by a potential change of land use or development are given what is termed notice during the assessment phase of the Planning Permit or Development Application.

If you wish to oppose an application as an objector then this is your opportunity to lodge an objection to the proposed project while it is still under consideration by your local Council. There are certain statutory timeframes in all states in relation to this process.

If you are the application applicant, it is in the interest of the project to have addressed concerns of those affected by the project prior to its implementation. However, if an objection cannot be resolved during the application process then it may be referred to the relevant state administration court.
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)
  • Land and Environment Court (NSW)
  • Environment, Resources and Development Court (SA)
As the decisions of the Tribunal are binding and can only be appealed on point of law to the
In Supreme Court of Victoria or the NSW Land and Environment Court cases, it is imperative that the case be well prepared, which is assisted by either a professional Town Planner or a Planning Lawyer.
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