Fisher Planning has extensive experience in town planning legislation and processes. It can help you navigate the multi-faceted levels of statutory or strategic town planning.
There are two main areas of Town Planning:

Statutory Town Planning
Where Planning Permits and Development Applications are developed and considered against state legislation and local policy including overlays.

Strategic Town Planning
Where the strategic direction of a municipality is set down with consideration to elements including government legislation, growth corridors and community needs.

Town Planning, like other professions, involves the application of specific government legislation and flow through policy, which provide for the steady and guided developmental urban growth. The ability to apply this legislation favourably to potential projects can be the difference between moving a project forward and not being able to progress at all.

In certain circumstances a Planning Permit or Development Application is not applicable. Knowing the legislative responsibilities of a project prior to committing financially can be the difference between having consulted with a professional or going it alone. Further, projects that do not obtain Town Planning approval process may find that the Local Government Authority may commence enforcement action and can impose hefty penalty.
Further Information

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